Featuring Wendy Jo New

Wendy Jo New creates fine contemporary jewelry. She works primarily in  gold, silver, palladium, and platinum. Her jewelry incorporates texturing, gemstones and other unique lapidary, and resin inlay. Designing and fabricating engagement and wedding bands are her specialty. 

Wendy Jo New Jewelry
Wendy Jo New Jewelry

She manufactures photo-etched metal jewelry, cover plates which may be attached to journals or framed (think wedding invitations), and larger etchings used in buildings as entry door logos, addresses, and the like.  


Specializing in handmade blown glass décor, art, and jewelry, Charged Glassworks is a Massachusetts-based glass design and production studio.

A Massachusetts native, Sarah Michalik, leads the team of glass blowers needed to produce these works of art. Her designs are inspired by her time learning different glass techniques from around the world, married with her time working in contemporary art galleries in New York. She has studied glass techniques in Denmark, Sweden, Finland, and Italy, and at home in Pennsylvania, Ohio, New York, and Massachusetts.

“Each of our designs is a contemporary take on the timeless style of glass. Made by hand, we develop a relationship with each piece we create, and believe that a certain personal “charge” is transferred to the owner and will continue to live on for years to come.”

W H A T  D O E S  O U R  N A M E  M E A N? 

The term Charge refers to the act of filling up a hot glass furnace with raw glass, known in the industry as Charging. Along with our electric melting furnace, there also seems to be a certain “charge” or spark of electric excitement felt by anyone who learns the art of glass blowing.

Featuring idyll ink

 Hand-dyed and eco-printed, using seasonal natural materials and extracts idyll ink creates her scarves.

idyll ink, fiber
idyll ink, fiber

idyll ink combines the traditional art of eco-printing, Shibori dyeing, and hand block printing process. The products are eco-friendly and sustainable. The entire process is manual: Small-batch printing & dyeing with seasonally available flora and fauna of the New England.

idyll ink also works with traditional hand wooden block printers and natural dyers in India, who have been printing in the same way it’s been done in India for more than three centuries. 

Mistletoe Art Fair Features Blackflower Chacolate

After a career in the fashion industry Cheryl Robbins-Dooley decided to follow her passion for cooking and enrolled at The Natural Gourmet Institute, a leader in health supportive culinary arts and theory. After graduating Cheryl traveled through Europe and completed her externship at the River Café in London, England.  Here she became exhilarated by the Slow Food movement and handcrafted artisanal products.  In 1999, Cheryl moved to Vermont to marry and raise a family . In 2003, Blackflower Chocolate was created out of the desire to start a small business encompassing chocolate as food with great design and packaging.

Enjoy, be happy and eat more CHOCOLATE!!!

Cheryl brings a powerful passion to her handcrafted high cacao content chocolate. Cheryl enjoys blending 70% dark chocolate from Ecuador with herbs, spices, flowers and today’s superfoods to create taste combinations similar to the experience of drinking wine where one may taste floral, spicy, herbaceous notes as well as astringent and bitter ones.  Her line of bars, fruit, nut and seed barks and truffles are made in ultra small batches and contain only the purest ingredients most of which are organic and fair trade. 

Featured Artist Nancy Rich

Nancy Rich Photography of a wodden boat in Manchester MA

Afloat on the Tide.

Nancy has an innate ability to see the beauty in simple objects and then capture that beauty in a photograph that both attracts the eye and stimulates the imagination.  Her subjects range from small wooden boats, to elegant fragments of seashells, to dried seaweed resembling Tiffany glass, and finally, to up-close macro images of colorful marbles and sparkling gems floating through ice and water. 

Nancy’s unique photographs of small wooden boats were recognized by the publisher Sheridan House in a one-of-a-kind book titled, Afloat on the Tide.   It serves as a historic record of these special boats, so characteristic of New England, that are rapidly being replaced by boats made of more durable, synthetic materials, such as fiberglass and rubber.

Andrea Browm Featured Artist

She is one of our artists showing her ceramics on December 15-16 at Cambridge Center for Adult Education during the Mistletoe Art Fair.

Trained as a fine artist, she considers a well crafted and spirited piece of pottery is art that one can hold and use. Fire Garden Pottery is the name of her studio where she make her work, mostly using the potters wheel. “I love the primal quality of clay and the relationship of pottery to daily life throughout human history. “

Mistletoe Art Fair features Ariel Kessler

Ariel combines her love of photography, painting, and the art of story telling in her mixed media creations. Her work is colorful, and imaginative. Her photography lets viewers into her private self, quiet, and evocative. Ariel find’s inspiration from the 20th century female photographers.

Ariel has a regular column in Photopreneur Magazine called “Analogue Culture”. A magazine which helps photographers begin and grow their business. “Analogue Culture” focuses primarily on analogue and alternative photographers.

Barbara Thomas Soaps

When I told friends I was making soap, they arched an eyebrow and asked me if I realized that I could buy soap at the supermarket.  But as a Chemical Engineer, what would you have me do as a hobby, refine used motor oil?

Barbara Thomas, Soap
Barbara Thomas, Soap

Making soap by hand allows me the freedom to carefully select a blend of oils based on the characteristics each one will contribute.  I use lots of olive oil for gentleness, coconut oil for fluffy lather and palm oil for a hard bar.  I also use other oils for conditioning such as shea butter, mango butter and sweet almond oil.

In addition, the process used to handcraft soap naturally produces glycerin, a wonderful skin softener that is retained in the bars. Glycerin is wonderful for your skin, because it attracts and hold moisture to your skin.  While all soapmaking processes produce glycerin, large manufacturers of “corporate soap” often extract the glycerin, then turn around and sell the glycerin to the cosmetics and lotion industry.

All soaps are 100% vegetable soaps, no animal products are ever used. 

Attachments area

Susan G. Kenna’s Artfelt Creations

Susan was born and raised in Boston, MA. She spent her youth at Fenway Park and Boston Garden rooting for her favorite teams.  

In 2003, Susan was introduced to needle felting by Sue Young, an incredibly multi-talented artist and friend in Jay, NY, in the Adirondack Mountains. She immediately fell in love with this ancient craft, eventually turning it into her business, Artfelt Creations.  Over the years, she has expanded her knowledge of felting by taking classes in nuno felting and hat making, using the wet felting process, and recently has created several new items such as felted dog jackets, felted soap, felted pillows,  and her wildly popular Cat Fish.

Featured Artist

Chikako Mukai, one of our Fiber artists, creates works inspired by both her Japanese heritage and her western upbringing. Her esthetic is rooted in Asian sensibility and  Western influences. You can see the full range of her products exhibited in our show, Mistletoe Art Fair, on December 15th- 16th. Put it on your schedule.

Chikako Mukai, Fiber
Chikako Mukai, Fiber