Featuring Judy Robinson-Cox

 Judy Robinson-Cox creates temporary tabletop dioramas that capture humorous human events and the inner workings of the mind.

An award-winning Cape Ann, Massachusetts photographer and mixed media artist, Judy creates Lilliputian Landscapes, which are photographs of tabletop tableaus that she construct with food or found objects and populate with ¾” high miniature figures. The tiny people transform the scene into a world with a life of its own. Cauliflower becomes a snow-covered hill, a plate of grain is transformed into a beach, and a butternut squash turns into a construction site. She creates each scene entirely in front of the camera and does not use Photoshop or any other computer tool to construct the picture.

Judy Robinson-Cox, Photography

“My first series was landscapes made entirely of fruit and vegetables and miniature figures. Then came sushi, Fiestaware, flowers, technology, money, games, bubbles, ice, vintage objects and so on. My current series are fantasy landscapes that portray an uncomplicated world devoid of politics, pollution, and hatred. They are places that I go to for refuge to escape from the malaise of everyday life.”

Judy Robinson-Cox, Photography
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