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When I told friends I was making soap, they arched an eyebrow and asked me if I realized that I could buy soap at the supermarket.  But as a Chemical Engineer, what would you have me do as a hobby, refine used motor oil?

Barbara Thomas, Soap
Barbara Thomas, Soap

Making soap by hand allows me the freedom to carefully select a blend of oils based on the characteristics each one will contribute.  I use lots of olive oil for gentleness, coconut oil for fluffy lather and palm oil for a hard bar.  I also use other oils for conditioning such as shea butter, mango butter and sweet almond oil.

In addition, the process used to handcraft soap naturally produces glycerin, a wonderful skin softener that is retained in the bars. Glycerin is wonderful for your skin, because it attracts and hold moisture to your skin.  While all soapmaking processes produce glycerin, large manufacturers of “corporate soap” often extract the glycerin, then turn around and sell the glycerin to the cosmetics and lotion industry.

All soaps are 100% vegetable soaps, no animal products are ever used. 

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